Thursday, May 29, 2014

Failure to Launch excerpt


“Nope. We’re not gonna do this. You’re not gonna drive yourself crazy. Come here.” Taking my hand, he led me into my bathroom and lifted me to sit on the countertop. He walked out and returned with a small black bag. Then Charlie pulled out a safety razor and shaving oil.

“Wait…you want me to…you’re trusting me to shave you?” I asked as he handed the razor to me. “Like, put a sharp instrument on your neck…where your pulse is beat—”

“Yes. I have to get ready. And guess what you won’t be worried about while you’re worried about possibly killing me?”

I laughed. Fair enough. “You want everything gone? ‘Cause I really like when it’s like this…” I cupped his face just to feel the stubble on my palms.

He smiled. “Okay. We’ll do that then. A little five o’clock shadow this time. But we gotta handle the neck beard.” He wet both his hand, pumped out shaving oil, and slathered it onto his neck. Then Charlie put his hands under my knees. I froze. “You probably need to get closer…” With a gentle tug, he slid me to the edge of the counter. A blaze of desire burned inside my chest, and I clenched involuntarily. He pushed my knees apart next, spreading my legs, and moved his hips between them.

His gaze skimmed my robe’s wide-open V for a second, and I didn’t even wonder what was showing. There wasn’t a damn thing under it and I wanted him to look. I wanted him to kiss me there. I wanted him to kiss me.

“Ready?” He put two of my fingers on his Adam’s apple. “Everything below here…on a curve from ear to ear.” Charlie flattened my palm over his collarbone. “That should help stabilize you a bit.”

 He tilted his head back, and his arms flexed at my sides as he leaned forward to balance his weight on his hands. My thighs were tight against his sides. He flinched when I moved closer, dipping his head down to lock eyes with me for second. There were only a few inches between our bodies. I could smell him again: sweat and woodsy deodorant. Charlie’s gaze continued down to my chest before he tipped his head back once more.

Whew. There was going to be a wet spot on this counter before this was over. “With the growth, right?” I asked, barely above a hoarse whisper. My stomach was flipping on a perpetual loop.