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Dylan Carroll, an ambitious college student filmmaker still reeling from the death of her brother, may have just stumbled onto the opportunity of a lifetime.

Musician Kai White is in the middle of a public relations nightmare, and he may be keeping a secret that could turn things around. His manager/publicist wants to create a web series aimed at cleaning up his image. There’s also a promising offer at stake if Dylan can abide by the rule of staying strictly professional, and if she can figure out what Kai is hiding.

But Kai and Dylan already have an undeniable connection, and when they are together, they discover that rules are pretty easy to break. It's battling your own demons that's much, much harder.

As Dylan gets deeper into Kai's world, capturing his life on film, she'll learn that some secrets are so big, they are kept even at the expense of a career.

And that a person's story is often nothing like it appears from the outside.

1) Why the name "Documentary," it's [fill in whatever]?

Well, it's what Dylan's hired to create. It's really how she and Kai end up in each other's lives. She's making a documentary web series documenting Kai's life, so that's the first connection to the storySecond, documentary is about capturing reality and not fiction. Everything about Kai's image (following the fight) is pretty much a fiction he created, and the story is also about capturing the truth (the reality) of what really happened that night and who he really is. Finally, documentaries are often about showing life in its rawest form. Dylan and Kai are both experiencing life at a time when it's pretty raw for them both I think.

Sure I could've called it "Capturing Kai" or "Documenting Kai," but I'm vomiting about those titles even as I type this. Waaaaaay too flowery for me.  It's complicated and convoluted, but then again this is me we're talking about. It fits what I was going for. Author/artist privilege ;)

2a) Is "Documentary" really a series?


I know people don't like to invest in continuing stories sometimes, so I made it clear that there was another book in the description at the point of sale. I don't think it's misleading for authors not to do that but, like I said, some people don't like to invest in a story that carries over to more than one book.

2b) Is "Documentary" really a series? 

Yes but also no...

I plan for other books with some of these characters as the stories come, but they won't be interconnected in the sense that you would've had to have read one to know what's going on in the others. These books trail the other characters, but completely start with their own stories, so they'll be stand alones, too. Each of the books is meant to feel different than the last.

3) What's the next book about and who is in it? And when do you plan to release it?

  It's called "Remake." It picks up the story of someone in "Documentary." Lots of the people from "Documentary" are in it, but there are several new faces.

 4) What inspired "Documentary"?

It was inspired by a news story out of Texas I read last summer that angered me to no end. It was a horrible story, but there was an aspect in there that gave me hope. I was really touched by the lengths we can all go sometimes to help the people we love, and that ended up sparking the idea for "Documentary." Story may contain graphic and triggering details.


Fun Stuff

What they looked like in my head (by rows, l to r).
Nina Dobrev: Dylan
Josh Bowman: Kai
Unknown model: Kate
Sienna Miller: Winslow
Paul Walker: Wes and Abel
Amber Heard: Odette
Holland Roden: Erica

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