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Welcome back to Teaserpalooza! Between my blog and Good Reads, last week's teasers got pretty decent views (before I accidentally deleted lol). I hope they were enjoyable. 

I posted these on Facebook on yesterday, so if you read them there, these are the same ones. I just shared it with the Facebook folks first.

Anyway, I don't know if I've made it clear before, but I'm CRAY CRAY for Abbi Glines, and I want to dig into "Never Too Far" the rest of the week, so I plan to be absent LOL. Please accept these teasers a day early as my apology for not responding to anything until I'm done reading. Me and everyone else ever, probably! =) So excited!

So anyway, here they are! And if you want to see part of chapter one, please rate "Documentary" on GoodReads, whether you loved, liked, were like 'meh, AJ, meh' or 'omg, ugh.' Once we're at 200, you'll get a huge sneak peek at "Remake." 

Teaser #1)  
              "Abe..." Erica said as she laid her head on his shoulder. "...Do you think love is 
really big enough to conquer anything?"
              Abel rested his head against hers. "Nope. But it sure as hell makes you want to try."

Teaser #2) A little reminder - Naomi is Erica's sister. Hayden is Naomi's fiance'. Fitz is Hayden's younger brother.
Naomi was screaming and tears fell in rivulets down her cheeks as she continued to hit him; Fitz shielded himself with his arms.
“Naomi! Stop!” Erica’s numbness finally faded, and she yanked her flailing sister away from him and dumped her into Hayden’s arms when he barreled into the room. Dylan and Kai were right on his heels. Naomi wailed as she collapsed against her fiancé.
“Time and time again, I have defended you as a person! But you are exactly what everyone says about you!” Naomi shouted at Fitz.
“What happened? What did you do, Fitz?” Hayden demanded.
“Me?! Me?!” Fitz’s face was completely red, and he was seething. “Your future wife is a fucking psycho!”

Teaser #3)
“We’re going to play a game,” she said. “I’m going to start at your neck with my tongue and work my way down…” Erica drew her fingers over the board of muscles on his abdomen, and he shuddered, softly grabbing the back of her neck.

“Okay, so, what’s the catch?” he asked breathlessly.

“The catch is…you have to be quiet. I start over every time you make a sound.” Erica pumped out a quick grin when his eyes widened. This was going to be fun.

“How low are you willing to go?”

“How long can you be quiet?”
Hope you liked them! Until next time! Now, time for me to read another Abbi Glines book in the Southern accent of the Southern belle that lives inside of me lol =)

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Scandal, Antiheroes and Bad Behavior in Entertainment

A few weeks ago, I read about Shonda Rhimes, writer/creator extraordinaire of Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and my current favorite, Scandal, which this post focuses on, where she responded to Star Jones's critical tweet (at her) about why Olivia Pope continues her relationship with President Fitzgerald Grant even though he's married with kids when there are so many other guys available. And Shonda Rhimes said this and I LOVED IT.

I think "Scandal" is genius: the main romance is not traditional, and even outside of Fitz and Olivia's adulterous relationship, Shonda Rhimes is attempting to make us root for people who do really bad and morally questionable things all the time (Olivia's entire PR team) with often little in the matter of punitive consequences for their behavior. It's all so deliciously wrong. AND I LOVE IT. She's not the first to do it, but it's definitely the one everyone's talking about.

(Abbi Glines' "The Vincent Boys," which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, also does the same thing).

As a related aside, 1 and 2 star reviews are why I buy books. Why? This is usually where you can find people discussing the following: characters' judgment, bad behavior, behavior in general, morals, and general douchebaggery of characters. Any book that gets people angry about what the characters are doing usually means I HAVE to read it.

Anyway, Scandal got me thinking about "morally bankrupt" main characters who get away with the bad behavior. A lot. And I'm not even talking about the antiheroes who commit heinous crimes against other human beings (see Sons of Anarchy and Dexter), but the messed up, thoughtless, selfish acts that aren't crimes..or maybe they're emotional crimes, say, cheating. I know people who just won't read books where characters cheat, and where cheating characters get to live happily ever after, and this is understandable. Being cheated on hurts a lot and it's really one of those things that's so unnecessary (if you're that unhappy, grow a backbone and just break up with the person, right?), and we all have our preferences and sensitivities about what we want to see characters doing and what not.

Fiction reflects us so much sometimes and it can hurt to see. Fiction can be a trigger.

But to me, cheating seems like one of the most authentic situations fictional characters can engage in. We often make a point of discussing the perfect hero archetype who doesn't exist, and why it's bad to continuously have characters like this, but never really discuss the traits of people who actually do exist and what this means. The messed-up, thoughtless, selfish ones. The ones who cheat and say mean things and act without thinking. We berate them immediately (and I'm not saying they deserve sympathy at all), and we write them off without any real discussion about what's RIGHT about seeing them in literature.They're real. They're so incredibly real. Selfishness is one of the most realistic traits/behaviors I see in novels.

It's possible to live an entire lifetime without committing a crime against another person; however, it's rare to live an entire existence without hurting the people you know, without doing something and not thinking about who might get hurt, without putting your instant gratification first. Sometimes fiction hurts b/c we can put ourselves on the receiving end of the hurt, but it often slips our minds about the times we were on the giving end, too. And maybe that's why it's so easy to judge the fictional characters when they do bad and stupid things, when they're cruel and rotten.

A lot of times this is just a depiction and portrayal of something that actually happens, even if the person with the questionable morals gets everything they want in the end. That actually happens. It's the unfairness of life.  

Ultimately we don't have to root for the main characters when they're bad, we don't even have to sympathize with them or understand them. We can hate them. And we should. But we should also discuss them objectively.

Because the truth is, writers certainly are not pulling them out of thin air.


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200 ratings = a grande sneak peek! =)

You guys are seriously killing me with how quickly you're reading my little (lol atrociously long) book! The fact that you guys are even reading "Documentary" and care enough to email me and care about what happens next makes me want to do this all day (But like I already don't do this lol):
 photo tumblr_mhq2ftTzwe1qbbb7uo1_500_zps0373c353.gif
Really just an excuse to use this because BEYONCE!

I know I keep saying it, but I mean it! Thank you!

And so...maybe sometime in the near future I do something like...release part of the first chapter of the next book? =)

Hm? Hmmm? HMMMMM?

 So, anyway, sometime after we reach 200+ ratings (on Good Reads), you get a huge sneak peek at chapter one! Next week is another teaser Tuesday, so look out for that!!

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Review from: An Asian & White Chick... no, seriously, it's the name of their blog!

The lovely ladies at An Asian & White Chick Walk Into a Book (lol best book blog name ever) did an honest to goodness review of "Documentary" the other day! And I totally forgot to share on my blog. You can read it here!

 Thank you,  girls!!!

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TEASERPALOOZA! - "Remake" teasers

Are we calling this Teaser Tuesday? Anyway, I have teasers from "Remake" today. Nope, neither explains what happened at the end of "Documentary." You'll just have to wait and see...

A little info to ground you - Naomi, as you may remember, is Erica's (older) sister. In "Remake," she is recently engaged to Hayden Van Der Bausch. His younger brother, Fitz, is the one in this scene. They're at Hayden's house for a small get-together/meeting about Naomi and Hayden's upcoming engagement party.

Teaser #1) 
“E, you’re going to love your maid of honor dress,” Naomi said, beaming with encouragement and reassurance, but Erica was skeptical, especially if it was still based on that tattered and flimsy magazine cut-out Naomi had pasted in her 'Fantasy Wedding' book twelve years ago. She and Naomi had vastly different tastes. “It’s going to look awesome on you.”
“It better,” Fitz said, adding a wink at Erica. “She’s my partner after all.”
“Well would you look at that incentive? I’ll be Fitz’s arm candy!” Erica said with sarcasm. “Which means you have to raise the hem another two inches, regardless of where it is right now, and push my boobs together.”
“That is how I like dresses.”
“No, you like them on bedroom floors,” Erica countered as she turned to the bar to pour herself another glass of champagne. Fitz scoffed behind her, though she had expected some kind of confirmation from him, and when she turned back, he was scrolling through his phone. “Am I wrong?”
“No, it’s not that…it’s…have you guys read this story about your friend, Jeremy Bunyan?”
Teaser #2) Bryson, who was mentioned a few times in "Documentary," is Erica's maybe fiance'. This happens at the engagement party that was being planned in Teaser #1. SURPRISE this is actually a double teaser within a teaser. These two happen in the same scene but aren't back-to-back.
a) Erica flinched at the sudden sound of the voice behind her, but she refused to turn around; it’s not like she didn’t know who it belonged to. To say everything about the man approaching was so infused in her memory, in her soul, in her bones, to say everything about him had possessed her in a way that frightened her before, would still only be capturing a fraction of the reality. Erica could detail all of him in her mind with specificity: the cool way he would stride across a room and pull the attention of every woman in it into his orbit, his captivating, warm smile that preceded every first word he spoke to someone, the scar in his right eyebrow, comma-shaped and deep, and the spot on his face where the skin was so delicate he always nicked it when he shaved. She could build him from scratch herself.
Bryson had come; after an entire week of her worried speculation, he was actually there.

b) “I'm right here. I'm right here, and only one of two things is ever going to make me leave: an act of God taking off that damn ring right now.” Bryson looked up at the ceiling then back at her in a stare of defiance. “Doesn't look like He's interested, so take off the ring, Erica. Make me go.” He jutted his hand out in front of her, palm up.
“Bryson, I—”
“Forever was the only condition I ever put on us. So if it ends here, you’ll have to take that off. Now. Take it off, if it's really over.”

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ICYMI from last week.

I'm off to zone out in front of the TV for a while. Sunday is my favorite night of TV!

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you! Consider my socks rocked by all of you. Thank you for your emails, tweets and facebook messages and page liking. Thank you for loving Dylan and Kai (and after you're done reading the book, make sure you read my post about book #2 below, ESPECIALLY if you love Dylan and Kai)! Check out one of my fave Team Dick-inspired pictures. I wasn't kidding when I said I have tons of romantic pics on my laptop.

random swoon-worthy picture
Teaser from Book #2 coming this week!

ICYMI, I blogged about a bunch of things last week. Here they are all in one place -

Book Two Info (has spoilers if you aren't completely done with Documentary)

Bonus Kai and Wes scene that takes place after Kai's interview with Dylan (After Chapter 2)

Bonus Kai and Wes scene that takes place during Chapter 17

Kissing scenes inspiration

Sex scenes inspiration


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Another Cool Mention! - Page Trotters

I was doing another round of self-Googling (completely and shamelessly sober this time. I have Google Alerts set up for weekly alerts, but I'm so impatient), and I came across another amazing mention of "Documentary."

Over at Page Trotters, they featured a scene from "Documentary" on Valentine's Day as part of Swoon Thursday! Kai and Dylan worthy of Valentine's Day mentioning? A swoon-related mention? WOW! So cool. And they picked one of my favorite scenes in the entire book, too, if not my favorite scene period. Their blog is adorable, and I'm not just saying that because "Documentary" was picked (I got distracted for another twenty minutes while I was there). Check it out. And here's the scene they picked:

“I like what you’re wearing tonight,” he said, and she pressed her cheek back against his. “You look beautiful.” She was wearing red skinny jeans, black platform pumps and a thin black sweater.
“Thanks. You tell me that every night,” she said in a whisper.
“Doesn’t mean I don’t mean it every time,” Kai whispered back.
She gulped down and tried to ignore how sensitive her body had gotten, like all her nerve endings were preparing for his touch, as she finished pushing the material the rest of the way to his elbow. Kai’s gaze trailed her when she took the small step to his left arm. The staring was so sexy, and she really didn’t know why. Maybe it was because he always seemed to want to be looking at her, like he desired her so much that he didn’t want to stare at anything else. She rolled the left one slower this time, and they didn’t break eye contact until he dropped his lips on her cheek.
“Thank you,” he said. He pressed his lips against the apple of her cheek again, then her jawline. If his mouth hit her neck, they were going to end up naked, and they were going to rip each other’s clothes off to get there; she was sure of it. She was clutching his sleeve with all her might when his lips hit the corner of her mouth. Dylan’s eyes closed, she let out a faint moan, and her knees nearly buckled.
Kai’s lips brushed her ear again when he cradled the back of her neck. Then, he let out a slow, low growl. “Dylan, if you make that sound again…” He let his voice trail off, and Dylan stepped back, her entire body clenched in warmth and need, her rapid heart rate vibrating her entire body. She ran her hands up his arms and shoulders and squeezed the back of his neck.
“What are you going to do, Kai?” she asked anxiously, her chest heaving. “What are you going to do if I do that?”
“I’m gonna hope I can give you a really good reason to make it.”

I love it because it's one of those "Would you just have sex already, Dylan and Kai?" moments.

Thank you so much, Page Trotters! =)

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Book two info...and MAJOR SPOILER if you haven't finished "Documentary."

 Happy Valentine's Day or Single Awareness Day or just Thursday! 
I've been reading reviews, and I got the sense that if I don't tell you anything about this second book soon, then...

HAHA, I'm kidding! I'm glad you care =)

Also, I know what I promised in exchange for 25 reviews/ratings and we've actually doubled that? Seriously, that's crazy and amazing and thank you to anyone who emailed me or tweeted me or liked me on Facebook. Whether "Documentary" bothered you, made you swoon, made you unable to put it down, made you put it down right away, made you angry, made you "meh"...whatever your emotion, I'm grateful you gave it a chance in the first place!

So the teaser from the next book will come next week.
The second book is called "Remake," and there's good news and bad news.

BAD NEWS: I LOVE THAT YOU LOVE DYLAN AND KAI, BUT... for now--maybe ever--I'm done with Team Dick. I'm not going to force a story where one doesn't exist. No drug addiction. No conniving groupies. No baby mammas coming forward, no long-lost siblings, no going on tour and the two of them being tempted by others, and jealousy and cheating. And all those things are juicy and salacious, and I like reading about them, but that's not for me as a writer. I don't trust myself at creating that type of drama without it coming across as really, really, unnecessarily contrived or even a poor regurgitation of the well-crafted stuff you have read that manages to effortlessly spin those tales. And I can't in good faith manufacture drama for them for reading sake.

This was never meant to be a "rock star" series, and "Documentary" wasn't really intended to be a "rock star" novel (if I'm comparing it to the books about rock stars that I've read). Kai and some of his friends just happen to have pretty unusual jobs, and I wanted Kai different. Music and concerts and extravagance and lavish consumption and surfing and all those things about their lifestyles will certainly still be there going forward, but it's far more like Abbi Glines' Sea Breeze series and Bella Andre's The Sullivans series, though, in terms of how this will work (characters from previous books becoming main characters and those previously main characters then making appearances). 

I hope to finish it completely (as in ready to go for publication) before "Walking Disaster" (by Jamie McGuire) comes out because I will be doing NOTHING but eating and showering until I finish reading WD. =)

GOOD NEWS: Kai and Dylan are in the 2nd book (heavily), and since it doesn't follow either of them, it's probably no mental stretch to figure out who it's about... It's Erica Evigan's story. It was left purposefully really open-ended in "Documentary." The two stories are way too connected for me to not have mentioned in the description of "Documentary" that there was a 2nd book because it is a continuation of the story that was always at the center of "Documentary," and really what set in motion everything that happened in "Documentary" in the first place. This was always the plan.
If you're thinking, But, A.J., are you about to put me through the ringer emotionally with this story? Will it still have romance and fun and friendship and laughs and other stuff? It will be chock full of everything you loved (and maybe hated lol) about "Documentary." That I can promise.

The last little boost of courage to finish "Documentary" in the first place came from reading this Tumblr post by the AMAZING, insightful and talented Cassandra Clare ("Mortal Instruments" author). I go forward with "Remake" with that post in mind. [Please note that her post discusses sexual assault and may be triggering]. 

And I'm doing so without changing one bit of the content. Abandon hope all ye who enter here: There's sex, crude language, drinking, fighting, Elliott twins, melodrama, awful people, assholes, and messy and trainwrecky behavior because this is life. As much as I believe in fiction being just that--fiction, where a lot of liberties and artistic license are allowed--as Ms. Clare puts it, "[I]t’s your job as a writer, even if you’re writing fantasy, to reflect reality."
I'm not sure I know how to do "light," and I'm not sure that's really my thing as a writer anyway, but I do have other stories planned for other characters that won't necessarily deal with as heavy of a subject matter going forward; I say this with a caveat though. 

While I'm definitely not writing a how-to guide for life in your twenties (I really couldn't; mine have been a mess in a good and bad way), and I certainly don't think that by writing about certain things one is condoning or intending to glorify them, I don't want anyone who has been through the things that hurt us and make us sad and sometimes change who we are forever, to ever not see themselves reflected in fiction. I may be in the minority, but I don't want the fictional world to be one where everyone only exists in a vacuum of awesomeness, and where real pain and really bad things don't exist. 

Seems a little unfair to people who have been dealt circumstances in life that a lot of us will hopefully never have to know.

Anyway, shutting up now.  

Look out for the "Remake" teaser here and on my Facebook page.

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Cool mention!

So, I didn't expect you guys to like "Documentary," at all...but there's no reward without risk, so I went for it. And thank you for reading and rating and reviewing and sharing your insightful and amazing opinions about it. I really can't say that enough! It's crazy!

Pretty cool mention: The other night/morning, I was Googling myself (there was wine involved), and randomly came across this Facebook page: And they mentioned me last Friday! Whoa! So cool.

I know tons of other books are listed, too, but I'm completely overwhelmed. Again, just completely taken aback that a book I just decided to take a chance with is being read and liked and listed on things. And Abbi Glines was listed, too, so NIGHT MADE, clearly.

Admittedly, I have yet to read FSoG, and not because I don't want to, but because I just have a huge TBR list that I'm cheating on by reading some of my favorites over again.  But then I was freaking out because I was like, "Oh crap, what if people think there's more sex in it than there is. OH CRAP. There's, like, none! Ooooh no!" (See: wine) And then I realized they include books from explicit to mild in terms of sexual content, so I drank some more and stopped freaking out anyway. So everything was fine because THE WINE.

Anyway, I thought this was awesome. They have a pretty comprehensive list of great books you may want to check out.

On Thursday, I plan to drop some info on the second book, so please look out for that!

P.S. Don't forget that a way cute necklace is up for grabs! Enter to win it on the top right sidebar of my blog through March 8th 12 A.M. EST.

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So a few days ago, I announced this giveaway and it is officially on (a day early)! For the next three long, miserable weeks, you can enter to win a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar pendant necklace JUST like the one Kai owns in "Documentary." Kai's guitar has a black pickguard in the book, but I couldn't find one at all. And I LOOKED.

Anyway, here's a side by side comparison of a real Fender Strato and the prize necklace... crazy right? 

Fender Strato American Standard

2 1/4" replica prize in not my hand
 To enter, head to the widget on the top right sidebar of my blog. It's only open to U.S. residents located in the fifty states.

Here's what it's made out of, FYI: "Stamped in bronze, cloisonne enameled, then 24k gold electroplated, back is flat & gold, on an 18" gold tone necklace chain."
Good luck!! And I'll be announcing the winner sometime on March 8th! By February 28th, if the number of entries is just insane, I'll add 2 additional, smaller prizes!

What inspires....? (NSFW-ish)

Sex Scenes...

I heart everything about this picture.

I'm very self-conscious about possibly writing too cheesy sex scenes.

As much as we don't like to admit it, we've all been influenced by TV sex and porn, and the things that also emulate them. I think even if you've never seen actual porn, something you've seen has been influenced by it because the person who made the thing you're watching or reading saw porn LOL. It's important to point out that I don't think every depiction of something, be it sex or violence, is meant to condone or glorify it. I prefer to just let creative people be creative, even if it makes me uncomfortable. But we're human and we absorb things in spite of this. I'm digressing. My point is, this stuff can affect how we think about sex.

In creative expression, sometimes I think sex looks too sexy, if that makes sense. You know, in the throes of passion, so confident, so carefree. Nothing weird is happening. And if it's not that, it's too awkward. Too much weird is happening. Or too raunchy. And all those things are fine. They're all a part of sex. I guess my problem is, it can lean one way too much, if I'm not careful. A lot got cut from the sex scenes because I went crazy, did too much, went overboard.

So I try to balance these elements. I try to remember that sometimes sex isn't sexy. Sometimes it's really weird. Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it ends before it's over. Sometimes it's romantic. Sometimes it's boring. Sometimes it's your first time. Sometimes it's your last time.

It a huge deal because when you're in a sexual situation, you want to be desirable and feel beautiful, but sometimes you're worried about whether you'll be crappy or do the wrong thing or they won't want to do it again. It can be a pretty overwhelming scenario. I'm inspired by these internal feelings, what sex does to people, not so much caring about the act and what it looks like. I want someone reading to get lost in the emotion of sex. It's way easier to get lost in the motion of sex. Pulse-pounding, Leg up there, hand on that, moving, sweating...but it's harder to make you feel the things that come along with it.

 Writing sex is fun though, especially when you're trying to find ways to get your point across without using too many hackneyed terms and phrases.You have to get creative. It's awesome.

One of my biggest regrets with writing the story from Dylan's (3rd person) POV was the sex scenes.  I may write some of those scenes from Kai's POV at some point. His mind during sex is VASTLY different from Dylan's.VASTLY. Like the difference between laughing and choking. One of my best guy friends has been raising his eyebrows a lot at my Kai POV sex stuff. Probably because it's a good way?

(Pictures from Pinterest and Tumblr. I don't own them).

P.S. Don't forget to enter to win the electric guitar pendant necklace starting on Monday! Check top right sidebar of the blog.

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Random fact: Kai is based on someone I know who actually has Wes and Abel's job for a living. Yup, in real life, my Kai inspiration surfs. I know his manager much better than I know him, but he's adorable and sweet and kind of a hot head.

Anyway, more Kai and Wes bromantic action. This takes place At Velvet in Orlando. If you're not past Chapter 17 in its entirety, it's not a good idea to read.

It's a spoiler.

Turn back now.


When the song transitioned to another, Layla, the black-haired girl in front of Kai, flung her hair back over her shoulders and stopped dancing. She was beautiful. And she had been using his body as a pole earlier. Every few seconds during the song, she would grip his waist and wind her hips down to the ground, and roll her body back up and against him. He’d had a hard-on for, like, ten minutes straight.

His life wasn’t horrible.

The club manager had thrown in two free bottles of some top shelf vodka after Kai had taken some promo pictures for the club’s website. And girls were just begging to come into the VIP section with him and Abel and join the shenanigans already going on in there. Abel was drunk and giving sloppy lap dances to anyone who wanted one. There was literally a line of women outside the velvet ropes, trying to get their attention. So much hair flipping, and winking, and eager smiles. So as much as the night had sucked earlier with the protest and his shitty performance, his life wasn’t horrible.

“This was so cool! Thank you for letting me come up here. I’ve never met anyone famous. An hour ago, I was just excited about going to your Dallas show.” Layla threw her arms around his neck, and her hair brushed his face. Kai held her against him. She was sweaty, but she still smelled really nice. She felt really good too. He liked the idea of her on top of him later. Her pelvis brushed across the front of his jeans, sliding over his erection, and he heard her giggle before they pulled apart.

“What’s your last name? I’ll have my tour manager put your name on the backstage pass list,” Kai said, whipping out his phone.

Layla’s brown eyes flashed. “Oh my God, really?! Jessup. And can you add my two friends? Emily Parker and Ana Jameson? Thank you so much. You seriously made my night.”

Kai nodded and smiled as he finished typing. “Definitely. When you get to the show, just go to Will Call. Three passes under your name.” Suddenly, Kai, anxious and impulsive, drew his eyes toward Dylan on the dance floor. She and Wes were still dancing and laughing barely fifty feet away from him. The nightclub strobe lights kept catching them, and he was mesmerized by the way it lit her up. She looked amazing.

“Can I get a picture with you?” Layla asked, and her voice pulled him back to looking at her. She was gesturing with her iPhone.

“Yup.” Kai’s eyes widened at the last minute when she grabbed his butt as she hit the flash.

“Thank you,” she said, offering her hand. It was peculiar that a girl who had no qualms about groping him was suddenly interested in being so courteous. “Nice meeting you.”

“Uh, you, too.” He smiled casually and shook her hand. Her other one was suddenly in his back pocket. She slid something in it before moving closer to him. Leaving his pocket, she grabbed the back of his neck and pulled his head forward so that her lips grazed his ear.

“Embassy Suites on Orange. Room 1825. Whatever happens tonight is just for tonight.” This was proposition number four. Or maybe five. Out of all of them, Layla had the highest chance. They had chatted earlier and she seemed like a great girl. She probably looked amazing naked. The temptation to go with her and forget the last few days for a few hours was a powerful draw. And who had troubles when they were coming?

“How about we talk about that in Dallas?” he said as a suave offer with a half-smile. That was a tip he had picked up from Nina. In his line of work, you never rejected a fan out right, especially if you were a single celeb; you just had to plant the seed of vague possibility. They would always just assume the rest.

Layla smiled and twirled her hair around her finger. “Dallas then. Well, I’m gonna go try to find my friends. Keep the keycard.”

“Thanks.” He blew out a breath as he watched her toned legs sashay past the velvet ropes and back to the main dance floor. Those could’ve been wrapped around his waist.

Damn. Any other night.

And maybe in an alternate universe where Dylan Carroll didn’t exist. And where she wasn’t having a great time with his best friend. Dylan was supposed to not matter anymore. She had betrayed him, and now, she was supposed to be just another member of his entourage for the rest of the tour.

His anger flared as he watched her laugh at something Wes said. Why was he making her laugh? What kind of friend did that? “I’m gonna kill him,” Kai muttered under the music as he watched them, standing at the railing. Within a few seconds, he managed to lock eyes with Wes, dousing him with the full weight of his jealousy and strong lack of appreciation for his actions, and he saw his best friend freeze in place. Dylan, however, glanced at him but seemed unmoved; she was still trying to get Wes to dance with her. But Wes had gotten his message.

Kai wanted to take a drink so badly, but he knew his drinking had been getting to Dylan lately. And that bothered him, both because she was upset and that he cared. He had been making her feel like shit for days because he was hurting. He had told her things even some of his best friends didn’t know, like how Lake Lure, where his mom was from, scared him. He had never told anyone that before, and confiding in her had brought some peace. He had even considered telling her his bigger secret about his mom, and what he had done to seal her fate to an early death. He hadn’t forgiven himself for that and never would’ve recovered if he had told Dylan and they had ended up where they were currently.

But if she was so awful, why couldn’t he stop giving a shit? Why did those moments where they talked matter so much still? Why couldn’t he just do the things that would’ve made it easier to forget her? Kai got a tiny moment of triumph as he watched Wes leave Dylan and walk into their VIP section.

“Are you done eye-bludgeoning me?” Wes asked.

“Are you done trying to be the hero?” Kai countered.

“You have to know I have your interest in mind.”

He did, deep down somewhere, but jealousy didn’t allow for immediate clarity at all. “Look, I’m sorry about earlier. I didn’t mean the whole ‘fuck you’ thing.” Kai shook his head. “I just…I miss her. And it’s making me crazy. She’s right there and I miss her. It like…it’s like she’s so under my skin now and in my blood and just everywhere.”

“I feel an epic Kai White crybaby ballad coming on…” Wes swayed his head and snapped his fingers to some imaginary tune.

“I don’t know what to do.” Wes always made fun of him when he was this candid, but he was the only person that really understood when he was feeling like this. Wes had been there once. As much as he had buried that part of his life, he knew it the most.

“I know. This is Hopeless Kai. He’s a lot like Broody Kai…but without any of the dignity.”

Kai laughed for a second, not disagreeing. “Is she still mad at me?” He frowned, feeling anxious.

“Whoa. Cut this shit out, White. Your girlfriend used up all my Dr. Phil points tonight. I want to drink and talk to women. Sleep with one hopefully. The end.”

“You’re right,” Kai breathed out. “I don’t want to drag you into this.” He flicked his eyes to the dance floor and felt a twinge of sadness in his chest as he watched her standing there alone. The sight of her knocked the wind out of him. She wouldn’t come to VIP while he was there, and she didn’t know anyone else in the club, so she would probably be stuck out there by herself. What kind of person would exile someone he cared about? He released three heavy breaths in a row.

“Oh my God. Stop sighing,” Wes said with a growl before smacking him on the back. “Now, you’re giving me The Sads. Fine, she’s mad because she knows you’re mad at her, but she cares. Stop drinking; she’s worrying. And just hear her out when she comes to talk to you. Because she’s in love with you, too, dude.”

“She told you that when you took her to your room or when you were rubbing yourself all over her butt?”

“I was cockblocking! Would you rather me rubbing on Dylan—”

Kai shoved him. “I just apologized to you, Wesley. And now I’m about to say something I’m going to have to apologize again for later.”

“…Or some random dude…like now?”

Kai whipped his head back to the dance floor. Well, that was quick. And who the fuck was that guy? Dylan’s gaze lifted suddenly and met his. She smiled, probably out of spite. With her eyes pinned to him, she lifted her arms to the neck of the guy behind her and used it for leverage as she pressed and rolled her hips against him. The move would have been a huge turn-on—instead of only being kind of one—if not for the guy’s presence. But any fascination with how sexy it was passed because Kai thought his insides would burst out. Jealousy and irritation made his skin feel tight. He needed air or alcohol or to scream. The guy, in contrast, was beaming. Kai noticed the tiniest of contractions at the corners of Dylan’s mouth; she was relishing the moment. He dropped his gaze to where the guy’s hands were on her hips. Move too far in any direction and I will knock your head off you neck, dude. I dare you, Kai silently warning him.

“Damn. I gotta give the girl props. She’s way better at this than you are,” Wes said, unable to not laugh at him.

“What are my chances of getting arrested tonight, you think?”

“Yes,” Wes said.

Almost unwilling to tear his eyes away from Dylan, he tilted his head just slightly so that he could see Wes in the periphery. “Umm…”

“Your chances are ‘yes,’ Kai, if you keep standing here, and that means I’ll get arrested because I’ll have to help you beat up whatever dude she’s dancing with, as your friend. Go meet someone who isn’t Dylan Carroll. It won’t make you feel better, but I don’t want to go to jail. This is really about me.” Wes led him away from the railing and toward a group of girls congregated around the table with the alcohol. It was time for Operation Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Even though he knew he was about to fail at it miserably.

Thursday, February 7, 2013



You guys got me into the top 1,000 on Amazon! Eeep!! This crazy! Absolutely crazy! Thank you so much. I don't even know what more to say. I'm stunned. Thank you for tweeting and telling your friends and reading and buying and reviewing and interacting with me and all the other stuff amazing readers do!

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Bonus Scene - Kai and Wes BUT SPOILER(ish) IF YOU'RE NOT PAST CHAPTER 2.

Hey, guys, thank you so much for your reviews and taking the time to friend me on Goodreads! I'm a little behind and playing catch up, but I'm getting to them. I will NOT leave you in friendship purgatory!

You guys keep buying "Documentary" and I'm sure the $0.99 price isn't hurting. So here's a bonus scene for ya, from Kai's (3rd person) POV! It was supposed to be longer, but Temple Run 2, Ruzzle and Zombie Road Trip happened last night. Nothing particularly juicy, but Wes and Kai's friendship is pretty much my favorite thing ever (even though I didn't get to write about it as much).

Expect more scenes to come between them. There's one coming from Kai's POV at Velvet 

If you haven't read "Documentary" or you're not past Chapter 2, it's probably not a good idea to read this.

I'm serious.

For real.


This takes place after Kai interviews Dylan:

            “What’s her name?” Wes Elliott said, lilting.

            Kai White shifted his gaze from the open back of the Land Rover to his friend as he approached. “What are you talking about?”

            “I’ve known you forever, dude. Whatever this is…” Wes waved his hand at him as if Kai were part of some sort of display. “…There’s a chick you like attached to it.”

“I really have no idea what you’re talking about.” Kai frowned, wishing Wes were wrong, and he tried to look as confused as possible. “What am I doing?” Wes tossed him a black duffel, and Kai threw it into the car before closing the back.

The paparazzi were flitting around near Wes and Abel’s house in Venice, calling Kai’s name and snapping photos of him, and it was taking a staggering amount of willpower not to scream at them. This was one of the things he hated most about his life, and most of the time he ignored it, but he had been on edge with them since the nightclub fight. And how could a picture of him packing up for a weekend trip be worth any money? But a picture of Kamikaze Kai, raging at a photographer, would be worth tons more, so he would keep calm.

            Wes flipped Kai’s baseball cap off his head and caught it before it hit the ground. With a growl of annoyance, Kai snatched it back and pulled it down on his head. “Huntington is an hour away, dude. Is this how it’s going to be the whole ride?”

“Someone’s touchy…” Wes chuckled and put his hands up defensively. “Broody Kai means she’s really hot...and unavailable.”

Kai didn’t really want to go to Huntington Beach, but Wes needed a wingman for a surfing event, and without a doubt there would be party in Orange County. He needed to clear his head for a few days, needed to stop thinking about Dylan Carroll. He was setting himself up for disappointment otherwise. For days, since interviewing her for a film job, he had wanted to call her, but he knew if he did, he would ask her out. Inviting her down to Huntington Beach had been an option he had considered. He just hadn’t been able to think up a good excuse other than really, really wanting to see her again. It was wrong to hit on her; things could get messy, especially because she seemed perfect for the position, and he was sure that his manager would hire her. With his tour so close, it was better to stick with girls who wanted to date him to piss their dads off or who wanted to indulge in mythical rock star sex. The attachment never went farther than the initial attraction and the whirlwind few weeks that followed, and he knew that going in, so emotional distance was easy.

He was willing to put money on it that Dylan was the kind of a girl who could only be emotionally available, and they were the worst kind, the true heartbreakers. They found a way to dig through the slush of his damage, and that’s when he would really start to care. But then they would realize that there was no way back up to the surface; no family for them to meet, no Christmases ‘round the fire or Thanksgiving vacations to Grandma’s. So they ran…and usually took pieces of his heart with them.

He knew better, he knew to stay away, but curiosity about her was sinking in. No mention of wanting an autograph or wanting to hang out with him after the interview or asking for his phone number. Even some of the people who worked at the record company asked for favors unrelated to work. She had just let him walk her back to campus. He had genuinely wanted to, but it was also a test to see if she would take advantage of the opportunity and her access to him. Would she want to parade him around campus for people to see? He had waited for something during the short walk. He always gave people everything, and the ones who took it were never really there for him in the first place.  But she hadn’t wanted anything.

She was nice and gorgeous, he thought. The guy she was going to that Screwing Dance with would fall for her. They’d probably be dating by the time the tour started. Girls that cool were never single or they weren’t for very long. He flexed his jaw. The thought angered him a little; he was jealous. He had barely registered a little more than a heart rate increase when his ex of a few years, Yeardley, had broken up with him. He had been sad then, but he had been sadder about losing the familiarity and comfort of their relationship more so than losing her.  He barely knew Dylan, so there was no way this was going to end well for him.

“I’m not brooding. I’m just wondering what I’m going to do for the next sixty minutes to prevent me from strangling you, and since you’re driving, it would mean I would die, too. I should download a game on my phone.”

“Abel said when he got back last night you were up writing. We all know what’s really happening when you’re writing…”

Kai smirked at his friend and maintained his poker face. “Yeah. Working. That’s how I afford my lifestyle, Wesley. All of us don’t get to play in water all day.”

Wes wasn’t convinced. He shook his head. “Not to mention all the groupie pussy you turned down last night at Crush…”

            “You know I hate when you use that word, right?” They both turned toward the voice; it belonged to Charlotte, Wes’ cousin. She was the spitting image of him, feminized. Charlotte had straight, long blond hair, light blue eyes and a perpetual tan glowing against her short black dress. She was really skinny but had been curvier before moving out to L.A. Recently, she had invested in implants courtesy of her savings account for school. Now she was crashing at Wes’ place to make up the difference while she attended UCLA. Char was probably objectively gorgeous, but all Kai ever saw was Wes and his twin brother Abel when he looked at her, which was good because, with certainty he knew, Wes would’ve beat him to death for seeing her in any other way. Everyone else’s female relatives were fine to defile, but anyone related to him was apparently off-limits until the end of time.

            “Are you coming with us?” Wes asked, slinging his arm over her shoulders when she reached them. Kai’s gaze drifted down the lengths of her body, pausing on her chest and exposed legs momentarily. Her gaze volleyed Kai, and the tiniest smile settled on her lips. Kai pressed out an awkward grin back, slightly ashamed at having been caught checking her out. Okay, so maybe he didn’t completely see Wes and Abel, but this was still Charlotte Elliott. Just looking, no touching.

            “Yeah. My friend, Abby, lives down there. Gonna crash with her,” Charlotte said, leaving Wes’ side momentarily to hand her bag to Kai. “So, what’s this about groupies?”

            “Nothing, and that’s the problem. Kai is hopelessly devoted to some chick he won’t tell me about,” Wes said, laughing. He aimed narrowed and suspicious eyes at Kai. “I would think after dating Yeardley for so long you would want to see what all you were missing out on before you jumped back into something.”

            “Believe it or not, cuz, but some people don’t think sex is a free-for-all. Sometimes, we like it with just people we care about,” Charlotte explained, shooting a supportive smile at Kai, but there was a flirtatious undercurrent flowing behind her eyes. Oh boy. “Even though, Kai, you did miss out on a lot of girls who weren’t bitches. A lot. Some you really would’ve liked.

            “Hey!” Kai said, offended. His friends were never going to let him live down Yeardley.

            “Lee’s a bitch, Kai. Bitch adjacent on her good days,” Charlotte continued without any sign of guilt. She shrugged. “Does this one at least retract her claws amongst pleasant company?”

            After a sigh, Kai tried to present a more adamant tone than before. “There’s no girl, guys.”

            “Bullshit,” Wes fired back as he tossed his keys into the air. Kai didn’t need someone else’s thoughts meshing with his and confusing things further. And certainly not Wes Elliott’s. He wasn’t about to plummet down that rabbit hole of debauchery.

“Is that new?” Kai, leaning against the back of the SUV, ticked his chin up at the tattoo peeking out from beneath Wes’ black tank top. It was some dark-colored impish creature with fangs sprawled out just below his left collarbone.

            “Would you like for me to strip my shirt off so you can see it better? Jesus, White, you’re choosing checking me out over talking about this? Must be serious.”

            “Leave him alone, Wes.” Charlotte pouted and slipped her arm around Kai’s torso and hugged him closer to her. This would make for an effortless change of subject. Kai shot a defiant grin at Wes, pulling Charlotte against his body, as he watched his expression morph from jovial to disgusted. It was perfect.

            Wes grimaced and he shook his head. “No. NO. Don’t use that brooding shit on Char, dude. It’s time to go. Char, you’re up front with me.” He pried the two of them apart and pulled Charlotte toward the passenger side of the car. “Let the rock star sit in the back alone. And you’re going straight to Abby’s. You’re not about to ruin my weekend because a bunch of horny surfers are all over you.”

            Charlotte turned back once to look at Kai and winked. “No one’s weekend is going to be ruined. I have a feeling it’s going to be amazing.”