Saturday, February 2, 2013

What inspires...?

Kissing scenes.

Don't you just adore this picture?
This is honestly one of my FAVORITE parts of books and TV shows. KISSING! It's a pretty great activity, isn't it? =) 

So much goes into putting together a kissing scene for me, and I spend a lot of time looking at pictures of people kissing. Creepy, right? Totally. I have SO MANY kissing pictures from Tumblr and Pinterest on my laptop. I'm a pretty visual person, and although I'm a veteran kisser (lol), I really need to be aware of where people's hands are, how are they standing, whether they're standing or lying down, whether one person is more into it than the other, what the feeling is like in their chests and stomachs, the body language, what they might be thinking, what they were thinking before the kiss, whether they are kissing for the first time, whether they are kissing after a fight, whether it was an impulsive kiss or a make up kiss or a routine kiss, whether it will lead to sex, whether it is a good night kiss, whether they're drunk or sober, etc. All of that factors into how I approach this simple act when I'm writing it down.

Love it.
Here's my fave kissing scene between Kai and Dylan, obvi:

Gripping the back of his neck, Dylan pressed his lips against hers and her body mashed into his. She wanted to lose herself, fall into him. She wanted to sink into an abyss where this moment existed forever. And there was a kind of conviction behind the way he held her as he took control of the kiss, tipping her back until she was slightly off balance, and his fingers pressed into the base of her spine as his lips moved with voracity and a craving against hers, like he wanted not to consume, but meld with all the essence of her. Maybe it was even an unspoken declaration that he belonged to her. Dylan had never been kissed like this before, and she never wanted to be kissed again if it wasn’t this.
Friggin hot!
Hope you thought the kissing in "Documentary" was delish! 

(Photos taken from Pinterest and Tumblr, but I have no idea who owns the rights. Remember most photos are copyrighted, so if you take them, you'll be responsible for any violations. Much like I am lol)

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