Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Paul Walker. Who lives in my head as Wes.

Name: Wesley Abraham Elliott, from Recklessly 
Age: 24
Occupation: Professional free surfer
Three Words:  Not. Your. Boyfriend.
Three Favorite Things: 1) Surfing 2) Sex 3) His amazing life
Known For: Playing Scrabble naked
Weakness: Women Lana Langston

“You know my motto. Live Large. Play Often. Work Hard. Get Drunk. And Fuck Dirty."

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I needed to wait a while before announcing this because things were being worked out, but....

"Recklessly" will be out Wednesday, August 28th! And boy oh boy do I have stuff planned from late August through September!!!!! Things are spaced out, so it won't be TOO annoying. It's less blitz more blitz-lite.

But there's fun stuff going on the week of the release, there's a blog tour and giveaways including my Friends With Benefits giveaway.

P.S. Recklessly is NOT Documentary #3. It's more spinoff than anything. Documentary and Remake are their own thing.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013



Name: Lana Marie Langston, from Recklessly
Age: 23
Occupation: Server at Vices Hollywood, Bar Method instructor
Three Words: Trouble. Unapologetic. Hopeless.
Three Favorite Things: 1) Sadie 2) Motorcycle 3) Lana
Known For: Getting under the skin of unsuspecting surfers
Weakness: Unsuspecting surfers

"Nothing about you is safe, Wes..."

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cover It! Designs + Audiobook for Documentary GOES ON SALE TODAY!!!

I totally forgot to do this last week. Remember how I was raving about Arijana Karčić over at Cover It! Designs for re-doing the cover to "Documentary"? Well... here's Remake! I love how they're sort of gritty.

 Also, the audiobook to "Documentary" officially goes on sale today! I've been listening to it, and it's so cool. Abby Craden is the best. It's weird hearing someone else read your words like this. I'm feeling a plethora of emotions, but she's so freaking amazing.

Anyway, you can get it here: http://www.tantor.com/BookDetail.asp?Product=B1425_DocumentarySand at Tantor or Amazon, if you're the audiobook type.

Huge thank you to all you guys because this never would've happened if you hadn't liked "Documentary." You rock my socks in all kinds of ways.

So, more and more people are asking about "Recklessly." It will be out sometime this summer. I'm in the process of figuring out how to best welcome Wesley's story. =)

[Important message for anyone who bought Remake before June 7th, 2013: http://ajswritingreallyblows.blogspot.com/2013/06/remake-should-be-back-today-yay-aj.html]

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In a restroom

“Lana, you’re cool with this being what it is, right? What it is right now?”
She laughed heartily before smirking. “You can save the ‘It’s Just Sex, Okay?’ talk, Wes. Considering that my hands are down your pants in a restroom, and you don’t even know my last name, I think it’s fair to say we won’t be picking out china tomorrow.” -- Recklessly, Summer 2013.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Documentary Audiobook.

Look what came in the mail today! It's the audiobook for "Documentary." Thanks to everyone over at Tantor (especially Sarah and Vanessa) and to Abby Craden for reading it. I'm so freaking excited about this. 

Also, if you bought "Remake" before June 7, 2013, I would urge you to get the updated version when Amazon makes it available through "Manage my Kindle" or delete and re-download on Nook. I explain why here.

Remake should be back today! YAY!! *A.J. lifts her head from the shame*

I've had the worst luck with "Remake"... Everything that could have gone wrong did/has. You don't even know LOL.

I really didn't expect so many of you to like "Documentary," honestly. And writing "Remake" was horrifying...  The second book is NEVER as good as the first, right? lol

You want people to be excited about your books, but it's also very, very scary when expectations might be high. This led to a LOT of unnecessary, panicky, compulsive, nervous tinkering and changing and deleting and rewording last minute (rather carelessly and sloppily, in hindsight) post-editing without really thinking of the consequences (or using track changes)... or rather, thinking of them too late.

This book wasn't half-assed in any aspect (Shelley can attest to how much I was freaking out over this lol). This was really just after the fact, A.J. crazy compulsion that got things all haywire. Holy insecurity....nothing about it felt "right" even when it was done, so I  got the crazy idea that I could do "last things" here and there and there and there and there, thinking I had it all under control and everything was making perfect sense. It was a recipe for disaster in hindsight. Pulling it off sale was honestly the best decision to make after the fact. But, anyway, everything's all good now.

I apologize for being a head/space case, but we're back in business with an updated version.

People who already own:

Kindle: Changes are NOT automatic or immediate for people who already own. At some point, you should be able to update the book’s content through the Manage Your Kindle page on Amazon.com. Amazon has to "activate" the option though. 

The easiest way to know if you have the updated version is that my acknowledgements page is right after the dedication page near the front. 

Nook: You'll have to delete and re-download to get the updated version.

iTunes: Keep an eye out over the next  week or so. I go through a middleman (Smashwords).  

I hope "Remake" is far more pleasant and smoother than before.

It's still $0.99 if you don't own yet!

<3 AJ

Documentary new cover + sale

Happy Friday!

My new friend Arijana Karčić over at Cover It! Designs re-did Documentary's cover for me recently!!! She wrote one of my favorite reviews of "Documentary" (it's seriously awesome and honest and hilarious... I was actually twitter-stalking her while she read it... did you know that, Ari? lol). And she's crazy amazing with cover designs... you should check out her portfolio. This cover is the tip of the iceberg of her awesomeness. She's officially stuck with me forever. And I really hope she's okay with that LOL.

So in honor of this momentous event and to celebrate Arijana, "Documentary" is on saaaaaaaaale this weekend! Woo! Thanks so much, Arijana! And enjoy the sale, everybody!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Hey guys, no book is perfect and that's totally not to make an excuse, but some of the last minute things I did to Remake led to the introduction of errors post-editing. I have only now spotted them. Which sucks, and $0.99 or not, you guys deserved better. I usually put on track changes when I do this, but I didn't this time because I was sort of anxious to get it out to you. I apologize and I have no problem admitting this. So, I'm going to pull it off sale, fix them and then tell you how to get the updated version. Again, I really apologize and neither I nor you should have to do this, but I'd rather be upfront about stuff like this. So thanks for understanding. <3 AJ

What's up next?

Thank you so much, everyone who picked up "Remake" over the weekend. Thank you so much. Thanks for loving my characters and my stories. It really means a heck of a lot.

I'm the girl who finds a pair of shoes and I absolutely can't live without them for two weeks. And I wear them and wear them and wear them. And then I'm so over them a few weeks later and ready for them to go to the back of closet for the rest of my life. Why am I telling this? Well... because it explains why Kai, Dylan and Erica will never be main characters in a story ever again. LOL.

Here's what's up next:

Recklessly: It's about Wes Elliott and Lana Langston who are probably my two favorite characters ever. I hope it's clear, but I'm not someone who just likes for the characters to get together and life is just amazing and easy street because... seriously, what is the fun in that? lol. Yup. I explained this before in regard to this book. There will be no easy here.

A Fighting Chance: Not related to Documentary or anyone you know in there. Not a series. All new characters. It's about a former underground MMA fighter who moves on from the life only to have to return because...well... you'll find out. His name is Jesse Chance (get it? a fighting chance? lol) and he's a hot mess.   

Shades of Ethereal:
It has a politics background, and it's about a girl who is working for a mayor in a small town and she can't stand him. And this is a town full of secrets. And there's a boy. The mayor's son, who has a vendetta. Like serious daddy issues kind of thing.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Remake is so live on Amazon right now. Thank you everyone who bought already and who will buy. And also I really hope you enjoy and that it was worth the wait for you. A lot of you wrote to me and told me that you really, really, really loved Documentary and even if Remake only earns a "really like" or a "really, really like," I'm grateful either way.

Should be on Nook tomorrow or Sunday. Please keep checking.

Goes live tonight.

Goes live tonight. My bad about the delays. Literally everything that could have gone wrong yesterday... basically did. Thanks for your patience and understanding.