Saturday, July 27, 2013

DIRTY THIRTY! (with slightly NSFW pic)

Yes, Recklessly is thirty days away, FYI! =) And to celebrate this occasion, we're getting dirty.

But really I'm just being a huge tease.

It's how I roll ;)

Mature content ahead!

Doesn't go with the scene, but I ADORE this picture.
Plus, a picture for this scene would definitely be NSFW lol.
“Cocky much?”

 Cock...y is going to make you rip that headboard out of place.”

 “So much talking…not enough not talking,” she said with a smirk. He plopped a lingering kiss in the middle of her stomach before he yanked her spread thighs toward him. He hugged his arms around either side of her hips and opened her up more. With excitement thick in her eyes, she breathed so hard her stomach was visibly contracting. “Well, it’s not going to tell you how to do it, Wes.”

*I swear there's actually a story in between all the sexy.*

Monday, July 22, 2013

Early Recklessly Tuesday Teaser!

Decided to post it while it was on my mind. So, let's just pretend it's Tuesday already.
Maybe if Lana were an enigma, some puzzle left unsolved, he’d have an easier time. He couldn’t understand what he couldn’t understand. But he knew what she was. She saw the world with perception slanted too identical to his. And Wes thought that made her far more dangerous for him, for how he felt. Like a snake ingesting its own venom.
            Awareness should’ve made him smarter.
           But he wanted what he wanted. He loved whom he loved.
           For a moment he considered that it might destroy him.
           But in another...
           He decided he didn't care.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Recklessly Release Week Blog Sign-up is LIVE!!!!

Over at AToMR Tours, the sign-up is live to participate in Recklessly's release week event.

(NOTE: This is NOT a review/ARC tour. My book blog tour is already set up and you can get the deets on the stops here.)

Just FYI as you decide whether it's right for your audience: It's not a traditional romance. It's NA, but I think the sex and sex adjacent stuff make it toe a Mature NA/"low-end" Adult line. Either way, 17/18+. 


P.S. For anyone who purchased Remake prior to June 7th 2013: Amazon only recently informed me that an updated version was made available on June 14, 2013 to replace the version that I terrorized on May 31st/June 1st. You should have received an email, but it's available to update via Manage My Kindle. Nook people just need to delete and re-download. Substantive content wasn't changed. I'm not smart enough to write a new story that quickly.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Forty-two days to go for Recklessly!! So I'm back to doing these again.
 They'll be a mix of new and old!
Lana touched a light kiss to his forehead, but there was no time to recuperate from the high as they quickly gathered their things and ran out of the yard, both laughing hysterically. They were several blocks away before they finally stopped to catch their breaths, crashing down together in the dark front yard of someone else’s house. He prayed they didn’t have timed sprinklers or motion-sensored lights because he was too tired to make another escape.
“Crap! My underwear is still in their pool,” Lana said, unable to get her giggling under control. “Oh my God.”
“Lana! Why were they home? Holy shit! You said they always leave during the U.S. Open…”
“They weren’t there last year. I was making a guess. Taking a gamble. Betting my underwear, apparently.”
You’re crazy…” he whispered.
“Sorta. Kinda.” Lana snuggled against him and tucked her head into the curve at his neck. That warm, velvety feeling returned, the one that had swathed him earlier when he held her. “But you liked it.”

Friday, July 12, 2013

Recklessly Release Week Event sign-ups coming soon.

A.K.A. The infamous announcement about the announcement...

Hey, Bloggers!! Just a really early heads up, I'm doing a release week event for Recklessly 8/26-9/2 . Sign-up isn't live yet and won't be for a couple weeks, but I know bloggers like to plan ahead, and if you're interested (which I hope you are!), you can look to that time in anticipation! (note: this is NOT the review/ARC tour).


  - Release Day is 8/28.

  - In terms of Age Group: Recklessly is in the realm of Mature NA/low-end Adult Contemp because it does get steamy.

I'll try to be proactive about sending out a blast right when the sign-up goes live.

P.S. Amazon activated the updated version of "Remake," (under Manage my Kindle) and just didn't tell me LOL. This really only impacts anyone who bought it before June 7th, 2013. Apologies for that whole situation. I can be a special breed of crazy/stupid sometimes.