Monday, September 16, 2013

New things up next!! -- A Fighting Chance book blurb!

I'm moving on from Kai and co. for now, but I'm excited to be starting something new! I've always wanted to dabble in Suspense/Romantic Suspense because I feel like it would give me even more license to write cursing and sex and violence than, say, Contemp Rom; I can push the limits a bit. Anyway, here's what's up next:

A Fighting Chance

Jesse Chance is a bastard.
And that’s all he heard his entire life growing up once news got out that he was the illegitimate child of womanizing ex-con, Henry Chance.
Stuck in Glory, Texas, a town too small to escape the sins of his parents, Jesse turned into exactly what everyone expected him to be: a lover of liquor and women, and so good with his fists, he became a teenage champion of the secret underground fighting rings that float around The South, while doubting the only people who ever believed he could be more, his ailing mother, and his girlfriend, Drew Hallisay.
Determined to make his mother’s dying wish come true, he enrolled in a college on the East Coast, and far away from his past. Jesse Chance is reborn into a new life, and set on keeping Glory, Texas--and Henry Chance--in his rear view.
Until a visit from his father in the middle of the night changes everything.
Forced to return to Glory to prevent a tragedy, Jesse is soon back on the fighting circuit with Drew's help and facing the history he was so desperate to escape, the part of him he would prefer to hide.
As he slips back into his old ways--Henry Chance's ways--he finds himself torn between the guy he was and the one he’s been struggling to become. And in a world dead set on betting against you, can you ever really overcome your past… or your destiny?

Romantic Suspense. 17+ due to adult language, sexual content and violence 

I swear one of these days, I'll attempt to write something where everyone's happy and everything's okay...LOL...JUST KIDDING. Should have an excerpt up soon.


  1. That little side note would be boring...just sayin' :)

  2. I'm so damn excited about this. Now my brain is just working overtime!!!!