Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Update

Whoa. I just realized that I haven't written in a week.

Just a little update.

My projected release for "Remake" was tentative from the start, but I'm a wee bit behind even on my "hopeful" timeline.

I got thrown off a little while back (maybe 2 weeks ago) because I was asked to submit a book proposal that included a synopsis and part of a manuscript. The request was completely unexpected... completely....(in a good way, obvi), and I had to switch gears and work on that. I lost about a week, week and a half, which meant not working on "Remake," and I had serious writing fatigue. Like serious. I am/was trying to do everything at once.

I thought I'd be able to catch up and be ready to go by the first week of May, but now unlikely. I know you're waiting and I can see your searches for it leading you to my blog (and I pay attention to them, like a true creeper lol), and I'm not unsympathetic to that because I love that you guys are interested.

So May is still pretty legit in terms of when you should get "Remake," but I'm playing catch up big time. An opportunity arose and I saw no reason not to jump on it. So that's where I am right now and figured I'd fill you in.

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  1. I know I've said this everywhere and 100 thousand times...but I'm super excited about the book proposal!!!