Monday, April 1, 2013


Before we get to Tuesday teasers, I just wanted to say that I'm a little behind with "Remake" stuff because something pretty cool and writing-related happened recently (involving Wesley Elliott, no less), and I had to switch "writing" gears for a while to focus on it.

I was trying really, really hard for Remake to be a (very) late April release, but I didn't anticipate what came up, so I was in drop everything mode LOL. It was for a good reason, but I'm excited to get back to "Remake."

We're sliding into the first week of May most likely, though, because of it. I'll keep you posted. On to the teaser! (Wesley Wednesday tomorrow!)

From "Remake" ---

           Will sighed. “I’m starting to think I’m not cut out for this city.”
          Erica shook her head and flashed an encouraging smile. “You’ll get used to it. L.A.’s a great place!”

          “Yeah, maybe when you’re nice and gorgeous..." He made a slight gesture at her with his hand, and Erica’s eyebrows flew up at the compliment. Just a line or had this guy never been introduced to a mirror before? "...And men like me stumble and fall all over themselves to talk to you.”

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