Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Forty-two days to go for Recklessly!! So I'm back to doing these again.
 They'll be a mix of new and old!
Lana touched a light kiss to his forehead, but there was no time to recuperate from the high as they quickly gathered their things and ran out of the yard, both laughing hysterically. They were several blocks away before they finally stopped to catch their breaths, crashing down together in the dark front yard of someone else’s house. He prayed they didn’t have timed sprinklers or motion-sensored lights because he was too tired to make another escape.
“Crap! My underwear is still in their pool,” Lana said, unable to get her giggling under control. “Oh my God.”
“Lana! Why were they home? Holy shit! You said they always leave during the U.S. Open…”
“They weren’t there last year. I was making a guess. Taking a gamble. Betting my underwear, apparently.”
You’re crazy…” he whispered.
“Sorta. Kinda.” Lana snuggled against him and tucked her head into the curve at his neck. That warm, velvety feeling returned, the one that had swathed him earlier when he held her. “But you liked it.”

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