Friday, July 12, 2013

Recklessly Release Week Event sign-ups coming soon.

A.K.A. The infamous announcement about the announcement...

Hey, Bloggers!! Just a really early heads up, I'm doing a release week event for Recklessly 8/26-9/2 . Sign-up isn't live yet and won't be for a couple weeks, but I know bloggers like to plan ahead, and if you're interested (which I hope you are!), you can look to that time in anticipation! (note: this is NOT the review/ARC tour).


  - Release Day is 8/28.

  - In terms of Age Group: Recklessly is in the realm of Mature NA/low-end Adult Contemp because it does get steamy.

I'll try to be proactive about sending out a blast right when the sign-up goes live.

P.S. Amazon activated the updated version of "Remake," (under Manage my Kindle) and just didn't tell me LOL. This really only impacts anyone who bought it before June 7th, 2013. Apologies for that whole situation. I can be a special breed of crazy/stupid sometimes.

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