Sunday, August 11, 2013

No Teaser Tuesday This Week, but You Get a Sunday Post Full O' Stuff About Recklessly

Oh heeeeeeeeeeeey guys. So, this is longish. 'Cause it's me and I don't shut up.

So Recklessly is out soon (about two weeks), and I figured we'd have a fireside chat about what to expect.

And guess what? I'm not freaking out this time and doing stupid things!!

Anyway, I knew at some point I wanted to write a story about two people who love casual sex, who don't use it as medicine for a tortured soul personality issue, and don't see engaging in it as some type of conquest thing.They pretty much agree that sex is GREAT in and of itself (obvi), it doesn't need heart-shaped glitter exploding into the air every time it happens (I think Lana even says this at one point lol), and it doesn't have to include love beforehand.

So basically this is what happens when these two very similar people who believe this start to fall for each other and find themselves in transition. You're thinking, "Oh, I've read this before..."


But you've never met Wes and Lana. =) Wes you've met, sort of. Wes + Lana is a whole different sitch.

The housekeeping:

- Recklessly is unrelated to Documentary and Remake as far as the plot goes (although, timing wise, it takes place sometime in the year after Remake, and expect some familiar faces...).

- This is NOT a traditional romance (obvi), and it's not supposed to be. Recklessly is probably not "comfort food" reading. Don't expect it to be easy street. I'm pretty hard on my characters because I'm a sadist writer. I'm KIDDING...about the sadist part. But Wes and Lana are pretty fiery, flawed personalities, which is super fun to write, but that makes them fairly troublesome.

- I didn't idealize Wes and Lana and they aren't meant to be role models (nothing to do with their expression of their sexuality either, btw; These are prob my favorites ever. I just wanted to write people like, well, how people are--flawed and sometimes kinda hot mess).

-The Seks: Wes and Lana enjoy sex and their sexuality rather unapologetically. Do I think it's the smuttiest book you'll ever read? No. Not by far. But I don't fade to black LOL...

- Yup. It's still long. They'll always be long lol I don't shut up, so they don't shut up. Approx. 113k words.

- Everyone has the mouth of a sailor, like usual, and mostly cursing 'cause they can, but the language is explicit in other ways sometimes.

I think I've covered everything people are usually interested to know!


  1. Shel & I were just talking that we are masochistic readers, so bring on the pain & angst! Haha, is this why we all get each other well? Probably.

    So anyways, I have a special appreciation for reading every single thing you just Can't wait!

  2. Court!!! Hi!! OMG. I can't wait for you to get it.

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  4. Soooo looking forward to getting my paws on another of your books. Still not read Recklessly because I'm waiting until my children go back to school so I can have peace to devour it. Guess what? They go back next week. Eek!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment!!! =)