Thursday, August 1, 2013

Recklessly Thursday Teaser.

Bad language alert!
Wes and Lana bump heads at the Pitbull show:
“Lana, who the f*ck is that? Who the f*ck are you so anxious to get back to?”
“You don’t get to ask me that, Wes.”
“The hell I don’t! Is that who you were with when Grayson had to lie to me to my face about you not being home? I saw your goddamn keys on the table.”
“What are ‘Questions Wes Elliott Doesn’t Get to Ask Me,’ Alex.”
“Cute. Your snark won't save you here, though. Can you just answer one question for me, please? None of it meant anything to you?”
“Yeah, it meant that you and me were f*cking. Just f*cking, Wes. Like we have been for weeks now. This amnesia of yours is troubling.”

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