Thursday, March 28, 2013

Shades of Ethereal

Last time we were here, I said "Recklessly" was going to be my last bit of writing for the year. And that was true at the time. But I can't shake this story, and I already shared with Twitter that I would write it this year.

It's not part of Kai's world at all because I'll start to get annoyed with my own characters (and that's your job ;) lol haha I'm kidding), if I have to keep writing about the same people nonstop over and over.

This new story is called "Shades of Ethereal," and I'll explain this title this time because I've noticed some mention of another certain book's title LOL. One of the meanings of the word "shade" is ghost (particularly in literature...but really, the other meaning of the word could also apply... comparative darkness due to shelter from the sunlight), and Ethereal is the name of the town it's set in (btw, you should google 'weird city names,' it's fun). Anyway, here's the blurb:

Even with her 4.0 GPA and class valedictorian status, Addison Collier can't get a job anywhere she wants. So out of desperation, she takes a position as the personal assistant to ultraconservative mayor, Josiah Irwin, in the town of Ethereal, North Carolina. 

And the normally charismatic college graduate quickly finds herself out of her element in a place not very welcoming to outsiders, and frequently at odds with her boss. Alone and ready to head home, she finally gets a friend in Josiah's son, Lyle, who comes back to town for his grandmother’s funeral, and who turns out to be not only the complete antithesis of his father but also the entire town. 

Lyle is outspoken, defiant and insanely handsome, and just what Addison needs to liven up her time in Ethereal. They soon bond over their disagreement with his father’s views.

And their fiery mutual attraction. 

As they get closer, Addison learns that Lyle isn’t just back because of his loss. He’s there searching for the truth behind some pages ripped out of his grandmother’s journals. An earth-shattering truth he believes will bring down his father. Which is what he wants to do. And with Addison starting to reach common ground with Josiah, she's forced to be on the opposite side of the person she might be falling in love with. 

How big of a secret can one small town hold? And can a budding romance survive it? 

Hope it sounds interesting! I'm a huge politics junkie, so I'm glad to be writing something related to it. I'm aiming for a fall/winter release tentatively, but that's as far as I'll go with that. We'll talk about it again during the summer! =) Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the blurb, it sounds like a good time! Will be waiting patiently for whatever you give us!

  2. EEEEK! AJ, I love your brain. Can't wait!