Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What's up next?

Thank you so much, everyone who picked up "Remake" over the weekend. Thank you so much. Thanks for loving my characters and my stories. It really means a heck of a lot.

I'm the girl who finds a pair of shoes and I absolutely can't live without them for two weeks. And I wear them and wear them and wear them. And then I'm so over them a few weeks later and ready for them to go to the back of closet for the rest of my life. Why am I telling this? Well... because it explains why Kai, Dylan and Erica will never be main characters in a story ever again. LOL.

Here's what's up next:

Recklessly: It's about Wes Elliott and Lana Langston who are probably my two favorite characters ever. I hope it's clear, but I'm not someone who just likes for the characters to get together and life is just amazing and easy street because... seriously, what is the fun in that? lol. Yup. I explained this before in regard to this book. There will be no easy here.

A Fighting Chance: Not related to Documentary or anyone you know in there. Not a series. All new characters. It's about a former underground MMA fighter who moves on from the life only to have to return because...well... you'll find out. His name is Jesse Chance (get it? a fighting chance? lol) and he's a hot mess.   

Shades of Ethereal:
It has a politics background, and it's about a girl who is working for a mayor in a small town and she can't stand him. And this is a town full of secrets. And there's a boy. The mayor's son, who has a vendetta. Like serious daddy issues kind of thing.

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