Friday, June 7, 2013

Remake should be back today! YAY!! *A.J. lifts her head from the shame*

I've had the worst luck with "Remake"... Everything that could have gone wrong did/has. You don't even know LOL.

I really didn't expect so many of you to like "Documentary," honestly. And writing "Remake" was horrifying...  The second book is NEVER as good as the first, right? lol

You want people to be excited about your books, but it's also very, very scary when expectations might be high. This led to a LOT of unnecessary, panicky, compulsive, nervous tinkering and changing and deleting and rewording last minute (rather carelessly and sloppily, in hindsight) post-editing without really thinking of the consequences (or using track changes)... or rather, thinking of them too late.

This book wasn't half-assed in any aspect (Shelley can attest to how much I was freaking out over this lol). This was really just after the fact, A.J. crazy compulsion that got things all haywire. Holy insecurity....nothing about it felt "right" even when it was done, so I  got the crazy idea that I could do "last things" here and there and there and there and there, thinking I had it all under control and everything was making perfect sense. It was a recipe for disaster in hindsight. Pulling it off sale was honestly the best decision to make after the fact. But, anyway, everything's all good now.

I apologize for being a head/space case, but we're back in business with an updated version.

People who already own:

Kindle: Changes are NOT automatic or immediate for people who already own. At some point, you should be able to update the book’s content through the Manage Your Kindle page on Amazon has to "activate" the option though. 

The easiest way to know if you have the updated version is that my acknowledgements page is right after the dedication page near the front. 

Nook: You'll have to delete and re-download to get the updated version.

iTunes: Keep an eye out over the next  week or so. I go through a middleman (Smashwords).  

I hope "Remake" is far more pleasant and smoother than before.

It's still $0.99 if you don't own yet!

<3 AJ

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