Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cover It! Designs + Audiobook for Documentary GOES ON SALE TODAY!!!

I totally forgot to do this last week. Remember how I was raving about Arijana Karčić over at Cover It! Designs for re-doing the cover to "Documentary"? Well... here's Remake! I love how they're sort of gritty.

 Also, the audiobook to "Documentary" officially goes on sale today! I've been listening to it, and it's so cool. Abby Craden is the best. It's weird hearing someone else read your words like this. I'm feeling a plethora of emotions, but she's so freaking amazing.

Anyway, you can get it here: at Tantor or Amazon, if you're the audiobook type.

Huge thank you to all you guys because this never would've happened if you hadn't liked "Documentary." You rock my socks in all kinds of ways.

So, more and more people are asking about "Recklessly." It will be out sometime this summer. I'm in the process of figuring out how to best welcome Wesley's story. =)

[Important message for anyone who bought Remake before June 7th, 2013:]

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