Friday, December 27, 2013

Fantasy casting for AFC.

I've been meaning to do this for a while but it's been hard as hell finding "Jesse," for a variety of reasons.

Jesse Chance (funny cause the actor played a Jesse on TVD) is our star here. He's a twenty-two-year-old former underground fighter with a lot of daddy baggage. Really caught between his old life and his new one. Really struggling with who he thought he had to be and who he wants to be. Sweet guy, flawed (you know I like them annoyingly flawed lol), maybe a little too into sacrificing himself for other people.

Drew Hallisay is probably my all time favorite female I've written. I really enjoyed writing Lana but I like Drew a lot. She's very take charge, intuitive, smart, a firecracker, (well, Jesse calls her spark plug....or spark for short sometimes), passionate, but her one weakness might be a certain young former underground fighter. Yes, her feelings get her all kinds of messed up. Her and Jesse's approach to things are very different, which is why they're so much fun to write. And they have history history.

Miguel is Drew's good friend, and he helps Jesse get back on the fighting circuit. I love Miguel because he's pretty loyal as a friend, and I love the relationship he has with both of them. He might be my favorite character overall. 

Sandrine Estrada who lives a very dangerous life by choice. She's a disillusioned, former do-gooder who helps Drew and Jesse out in a big way as Jesse goes on his quest. Fun female character to write as well. She's a good friend of Miguel's.

Rámon Vega. A charismatic bad guy. Because they're the best (Also, the actor Freddy Rodriguez's dimples...yum).

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