Monday, January 28, 2013

I have a small Abbi Glines obsession

 Because how can you not?   

And by small, I mean "huge and crazy." 

Screen shot of my Abbi Glines books on my Kindle app:

The Vincent Boys was the first book of hers I ever read and I've been hooked since then. And of course I fell for the very much in high school Beau Vincent. Because how can you not?

(For the record, I'm not a book reviewer by any means. I'm just super peppy and chipper and positive--a wee bit sarcastic and irreverent--and overall I love sharing good things. I will never tell you I didn't like something about a book because often times, there isn't anything I didn't like, and honestly, what I didn't like is my issue, and I shouldn't influence you with negativity--unless it's about myself because I think it's funny when I make fun of me. One can never take themselves too seriously. I prefer to influence you about the good things with other authors!)

(You can't actually look inside because I lazily pulled the image from Amazon and violated all sorts of copyright laws, I'm sure).

Here's my 3 sentence summary:

Ashton, and cousins Beau and Sawyer have been friends since they were kids, but Ashton is dating Sawyer as a teen now and has become estranged from Beau. With Sawyer out of town for awhile, Ashton and Beau re-connect in a way that goes beyond friendship. Sawyer comes home.


My three favorite things about the book:

1) The Southern details: Southern boys... HELLO! I've dated a few (dating one now lol), so I recognize them when I see them! This is clearly a woman who knows a thing or two about a twang, old trucks, creeks, field parties and drawls. A southern girl lives inside of me and she wants this life!

2) Abbi's keen ability to capture the joys of falling for someone when you're young, and especially when what you're doing will ultimately hurt someone else. She made it easy to empathize with their situation because the feelings go deep. I thought she really showed how tough it was for these two people who want to be together so badly but will destroy someone else in the process, and that struggle. There's nothing romantic about a love triangle ever, IMO...even if it's between Salvatore brothers, by the way.

3) High school. Ick. Loved mine, but soooo glad it's over. Mean girls galore in this book. I thought Abbi did a good job of showing how vicious girls can be to each other sometimes. There are scenes that just break my heart for Ashton.

So anyway, read it, love it, come back for more of me acting crazy over Abbi!

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