Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sometimes I read: CRASH by Nicole Williams

 (For the record, I'm not a book reviewer by any means. I'm just super peppy and chipper and positive--a wee bit sarcastic and irreverent--and overall I love sharing good things. I will never tell you I didn't like something about a book because often times, there isn't anything I didn't like (I'm THAT girl), and honestly, what I didn't like is my issue, and I shouldn't influence you with negativity--unless it's about myself because I think it's funny when I make fun of me. One can never take themselves too seriously. I prefer to influence you about the good things with other authors!)

Crash is the first book of a trilogy about the love between two teens. 

Here's my 4 sentence summary:

Lucy, ballerina and daughter of emotionally distant parents, meets resident bad boy Jude. Jude and Lucy fall for each other pretty hard. Perfect, right? Except for that thing they both don't know that they both know yet.


My three favorite things about the book:

1) There's a bad boy: Is there more to say about this? I mean, really. And Jude is smarter and sweeter than he gives himself credit for.
2) Secrets: I actually gasped. I'm a gasper. I love a good reveal, and I gave Nicole Williams an imaginary high five. 

3) Lucy's mom: Nicole Williams brought the hurt with this character. My insides would twist every time this woman spoke. I would actually start cowering when she hit the page. Wow. Sometimes, I want it to burn. And it burns.

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