Sunday, January 27, 2013

welcome! hello!

Oh my gosh! Welcome to my blog, and I hope you're here because you liked "Documentary."

Um, let's see... what to expect...

1. I'm a reader as much as a writer so I plan to talk about all the books I've read/I'm reading. I'm not a reviewer so it won't be a review or anything close, just me chatting about the books.

2. Giveaways. Maybe you haven't read "Documentary" yet and you want to win it... cause you're like, "Girl, I don't know you. Your book might suck...and still I want to read it, but only for free." I totally get it.

3. Sneak peeks and teasers so you should definitely follow the blog! Those are always fun, right?! "Documentary" is the first of a series, but some of the books will be standalones, if that makes sense. Probably not. I wrote a book full of characters I want to explore more so who knows how long it'll go. The easiest way to get the sneak peek and to get them faster is to follow. So share the book if you like it because I'll definitely post teasers when I reach following milestones. I'll post the prologue to the next book when I'm at 20 followers.

4. Playlists. I have one for "Documentary" and it's right below this one! I think it's pretty cool. 

5. Lots of things that inspire me. 

6. Things about me. This will be boring. Almost as much as my writing. I should get twitter.

Well, that's it for now!! Thank you for reading "Documentary," thank you for being interested in it and if you're here because you somehow heard about it by perusing the internet, cool!

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