Sunday, March 3, 2013

Documentary: new cover!

"Documentary" just got a new cover! I wanted it more focused on Dylan and Kai because it is about their love and less about the music. It's still black-and-white because I love that black-and-white has that "old film" (e.g. old documentary) quality to it. And I just don't see a lot of covers without color. Also, it makes sense for the contrast to "Remake" for where I want to go with that cover, I think.

Anyway, it should be going live on Amazon within 12 hours (that's the time frame they give for changes to book). If you take it off your Kindle and re-download (note: not re-buy, but I don't think Amazon lets you re-buy at all anyway), it should start showing up. I'm not sure if you lose highlights and bookmarks though!

Or maybe it will update automatically on devices? I'm not sure. Just make sure, you're sure before you do anything LOL. I don't want to get yelled at! =)

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