Sunday, March 24, 2013


Like Tuesday teasers, but earlier!!
From "Remake":

She squealed when he bumped her with his bare pelvis. “Hey, put that thing away before you start knocking stuff off the counter.”

He reached for a towel on the rack and wrapped it around his waist. “Try 'knocking down the walls…'”

From "Recklessly":

“Brody’s not that bad, Wes.”

“Once you stick a ‘that’ in there, you effectively let me compare him to whatever I want…” Wes tilted his head until Brody was in his line of sight and aimed an arrogant smirk at him before returning his gaze to Lana. “…Like, say, getting your dick caught in a meat grinder. So yes, comparatively, he’s not that bad.”

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  1. I'm blowing up your blog today lol anyways....I'm feening over here. Feening and frothing and flailing for these books! Whoohooo! Team Wes!