Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Remake" is on GoodReads.

Someone was sweet enough to add "Remake" to GoodReads! Thank you! So, I guess that means it can be TBR'ed, or the far more intelligible "marked-as-to-read."

I really can't say this enough. I think it's so cool you guys ended up liking "Documentary." I started writing it for fun while I was working on something else (for even more fun - it was about a college graduate who turns to an unconventional job because of the shitty job market, her shitty internship, and boredom-- not prostitution, but just as illegal). I got stuck on it and kept writing more of "Documentary," which is probably how it ended up sooooo long, but it's still the story I wanted to write. No regrets!

And I'm glad I took the chance on it, but more importantly, you did...that's seriously so much more important. Tons of stories never, ever get read. Tons of stories are never shared with friends. Tons of stories are never finished by readers, especially long ass ones. So that's great. Thanks!

What was I saying? Oh, "Remake" is on Good Reads.

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