Wednesday, January 22, 2014

AFC teaser teaser teaser

I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed writing the fight scenes. I went to You Tube and watched a few fights but ultimately most of the action just kind of sprung from my imagination. This whole sequence was so much fun to write, intense, but waaaay fun:

I stumble, almost crawling, to the corner and collapse against the chains. My ears are ringing, and I can smell the metal in my blood. Taste it, too. My head feels like Carlos is inside and trying to punch his way out.

“…stand here and watch him get beaten to death!” Drew is screaming at Miguel. They’re both frowning and sweating, and neither of them even notices I’m standing there. 

“I don’t want to, either, but what can we do, Drew? We can’t just yank him out of here and run!” Miguel yells back, looking more frustrated than angry.

“Guys, I’m okay,” I say with a mouth full of blood, and tingly pain courses down my jaw. Jesus, I hope it’s not broken. “Drew…” She looks at me, and defeat, despair, and abject terror, they’re all there in her face. “I got this…he’s going to draw it out because he wants me to suffer. It’ll hurt but I can rest here and there…”

“You won’t survive the fight. He’s trying to kill you. You know that, and he’s going to. I have to do something. How do we stop the goddamn fight, Miguel?”

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