Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TEASERPALOOZA! - "Remake" teasers

Are we calling this Teaser Tuesday? Anyway, I have teasers from "Remake" today. Nope, neither explains what happened at the end of "Documentary." You'll just have to wait and see...

A little info to ground you - Naomi, as you may remember, is Erica's (older) sister. In "Remake," she is recently engaged to Hayden Van Der Bausch. His younger brother, Fitz, is the one in this scene. They're at Hayden's house for a small get-together/meeting about Naomi and Hayden's upcoming engagement party.

Teaser #1) 
“E, you’re going to love your maid of honor dress,” Naomi said, beaming with encouragement and reassurance, but Erica was skeptical, especially if it was still based on that tattered and flimsy magazine cut-out Naomi had pasted in her 'Fantasy Wedding' book twelve years ago. She and Naomi had vastly different tastes. “It’s going to look awesome on you.”
“It better,” Fitz said, adding a wink at Erica. “She’s my partner after all.”
“Well would you look at that incentive? I’ll be Fitz’s arm candy!” Erica said with sarcasm. “Which means you have to raise the hem another two inches, regardless of where it is right now, and push my boobs together.”
“That is how I like dresses.”
“No, you like them on bedroom floors,” Erica countered as she turned to the bar to pour herself another glass of champagne. Fitz scoffed behind her, though she had expected some kind of confirmation from him, and when she turned back, he was scrolling through his phone. “Am I wrong?”
“No, it’s not that…it’s…have you guys read this story about your friend, Jeremy Bunyan?”
Teaser #2) Bryson, who was mentioned a few times in "Documentary," is Erica's maybe fiance'. This happens at the engagement party that was being planned in Teaser #1. SURPRISE this is actually a double teaser within a teaser. These two happen in the same scene but aren't back-to-back.
a) Erica flinched at the sudden sound of the voice behind her, but she refused to turn around; it’s not like she didn’t know who it belonged to. To say everything about the man approaching was so infused in her memory, in her soul, in her bones, to say everything about him had possessed her in a way that frightened her before, would still only be capturing a fraction of the reality. Erica could detail all of him in her mind with specificity: the cool way he would stride across a room and pull the attention of every woman in it into his orbit, his captivating, warm smile that preceded every first word he spoke to someone, the scar in his right eyebrow, comma-shaped and deep, and the spot on his face where the skin was so delicate he always nicked it when he shaved. She could build him from scratch herself.
Bryson had come; after an entire week of her worried speculation, he was actually there.

b) “I'm right here. I'm right here, and only one of two things is ever going to make me leave: an act of God or...you taking off that damn ring right now.” Bryson looked up at the ceiling then back at her in a stare of defiance. “Doesn't look like He's interested, so take off the ring, Erica. Make me go.” He jutted his hand out in front of her, palm up.
“Bryson, I—”
“Forever was the only condition I ever put on us. So if it ends here, you’ll have to take that off. Now. Take it off, if it's really over.”

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