Thursday, February 7, 2013


's guitar? Yeah? Would you settle for a necklace instead?

I've been so incredibly touched and surprised by the reception of "Documentary," and I've been thinking of (many) fun ways to thank readers in a way related to the book. I decided to find out if there were such a thing as a Fender STRATOCASTER Electric Guitar necklace, since it's the guitar that Kai owns in the book.
WELL, LO AND BEHOLD, there is SUCH a thing!! And I'm giving it AWAY. TO (ONE OF) YOU. I was so incredibly excited to find it, and I've been mulling over when exactly I wanted to do this giveaway. And I JUST couldn't wait anymore. Patience is NOT my strong suit.

 I didn't take this picture and this isn't the actual prize one, but this is what it looks like. The seller didn't have Kai's actual guitar, Sable, (which has a black pickguard instead of a white one), but I figured this was close enough! I'm calling it Sable #2. And Fender licensed the trademark and copyright to the seller so it's actually the shape and dimensions of a Stratocaster, even though it's so small (2 1/4"), and it SAYS Fender on it! 


So consider the giveaway ANNOUNCED! I'm doing it through Rafflecopter (the widget is on the right sidebar of my blog currently, but not open for entries just yet)

Anyone can enter. You'll have the option of entering, starting on Monday 2/11 12 A.M. EST, by:

1) telling me which Kai and Dylan scene is your fave,
2) tweeting about the contest, and/or

3) following me on twitter.

The first one has the most value because it is a reader appreciation contest, so if you've read the book, you'll be able to answer the question and increase your chances of winning. Technically no purchase is necessary, but readers will have the advantage since the question is worth more.

If you choose to tweet, here's what my preset tweet will look like:

"I just entered A.J. Sand's giveaway for an electric guitar necklace like the one Kai plays in the book "Documentary."" And Rafflecopter will have directions on how to tweet it properly when you enter.

Following me on twitter (@ajajajsand) is worth the least. I didn't want to make that a big thing, but it's the easiest option. 

No particular option is mandatory to enter, but you MUST do at least one (properly) for it to be considered a valid entry. Doing more than one will certainly help you.

And this time around, it's only open to U.S. residents within the fifty states.

Here's the official info on the necklace, so pay attention in case you have any metal allergies:

"Stamped in bronze, cloisonne enameled, then 24k gold electroplated, back is flat & gold, on an 18" gold tone necklace chain."

I'm running the contest for three weeks with plans to start on 2/11 (through 3/04 12 A.M. EST), So please spread the word, tell everyone you know (or keep it quiet for yourself LOL...I KID, I KID); however, if there are TONS of entries within a week of the giveaway ending, I'll be more likely to give out (2) additional (but not as cool...well, maybe) surprise prizes.

I'll give you another heads up on here on the 9th (and Amazon and Goodreads should pick up the RSS feeds within 24 hours of my blog posting if you prefer to get the posts that way).

 I'll probably be giving out some other stuff in the coming weeks, but I wanted to come out of the gate with a BANG! =) SO excited and I hope you are, too!! Either on the day the giveaway or a few days after it launches I'll put up pics of the necklace so you can see how incredibly cool the detailing is, and hopefully get you even more excited.

Thank you again for your support and feedback and liking this book. And good luck on winning "Sable #2."

Email if you have any questions:

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